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 Wet Cleaning 
Alternatives to PERC have been around for over a decade... wet cleaning is the best one.
Wet cleaning is the most environmentally friendly cleaning process available for the care of "Dry Clean Only" garments. The clothes look great, and they lack the smell of perchloroethylene, the conventional dry cleaning chemical.

What is wet cleaning?

First, dry cleaning is not dry, your clothes are cleaned in chemicals labeled "hazardous materials" that are removed by the end of the cleaning cycle, which is why it's called "dry cleaning". Wet cleaning does the same job with the use of computer controled machines and special cleaning agents that are bio-degradable.

No "haz mat", no smelly chemicals, only clean, neatly pressed clothes, as fresh as a Palmetto breeze :)

We have learned about wet cleaning  in 2007 hands-on from the previous owner of our dry cleaning plant in North Charleston. We purchased the plant after seven years of being a loyal and happy customer of it. We continued to learn ever since, with both Robert and Marti spending several years working in every phase of the operation. We are blessed to have a team of dedicated associates who are dedicated to "excellence in garment care". We are all aware that every action we take contributes to keeping current customers coming back and to gain customers through referral.

With a plant that has been "wet" cleaning for over seventeen years, Julius Alterations and Cleaners is Charleston areas leader in eco-friendly cleaning. This process cleans better than traditional dry cleaning, there is no odor, and there are no harmful chemicals used. More and more cleaners in our area are switching to wet cleaning, however, our plant has been wet cleaning since 1999, therefore, we have 15+ years of experience wet cleaning experience advantage. 

We are the only 100% wet cleaner in the Charleston, SC area, possibly in the whole state of South Carolina. What is wet cleaning? A water based, environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning designed to handle garments labeled "dry clean only", our plant has been successfully wet cleaning for over 17 years. Some states even offer grants to help cleaners switch to wet cleaning.  Check out  the links bellow to learn about wet cleaning:

We have spent a day at Organic Cleaners in Phoenix exchanging wet cleaning experience, customers love the process, and it is better for the health of our employees, too.

Hesperian Cleaners and their customers love the results from wet cleaning when compared to cleaning with hazardous perchloroetylene.

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